A History & Description of St Peters Church, Swingfield

The Pulpit, made in 1870 was rescued from Holy Trinity Church, Maidstone, on its closure in 1975 and replaced the earlier 14thc Pulpit ‘it having badly decayed’

The graves and monuments now in the Church, are fewer than might be expected. During restoration work to the Chancel in 1870, it is recorded that six memorial ‘Ledger Slabs’ were covered over with a new tiled floor. In 1794 these were recorded as dating from the mid 17thc. One of these was revealed during work in 1975 and can be seen in the south side of the choir. Also recorded is a monument of ’An Armed Knight sitting cross legged’ of which no further record remains. Those memorials that do remain consist of further incised black ‘Ledger Slabs’ in the centre aisle of the nave, marking the graves of; Richard of Smersall 1641, John Simons 1677, Martha Pilcher 1750, Stephen Pilcher of Northbourne 1755.

St Peters Church, The Street, Swingfield, Kent CT15 7HA
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