A History & Description of St Peters Church, Swingfield

Records indicate the existence of some 15th century memorial windows to William Tonge and William de Smershole both dated 1478. Also recorded are two earlier windows with Shields, Armorial bearings and a kneeling figure of a ’Knight Hospitaler in Surcote’. All these windows had gone without trace by the end of the 18th century.

The west and south doorways are 13thc ‘Early English’. On the left hand jamb of the south door, within the porch, are carved two ‘Mass Dials’ which once indicated the time of service
. Internally, in the Chancel north wall is a 13thc ‘Aumry’ cupboard used for keeping The communion vessels, now without its door, although traces of the lock and hinges remain.

On the south wall of the Chancel is a 13thc ‘Piscina’ recess for washing the communion vessels and the priest’s hands. The Font is 14thc and is situated in the entrance to the tower. It is plain octagonal without the usual steps.

St Peters Church, The Street, Swingfield, Kent CT15 7HA
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