Welcome to The Friends of St Peters Church

The ‘Friends of St Peters Church, Swingfield’ is an independent Charity solely dedicated to the care and appropriate use of St Peters Church, Swingfield.

After St Peters was declared redundant in 2000, The ‘Friends of St Peters Church, Swingfield’ was formed by some local residents. The original aim of the group was to oppose the conversion of the Church and to lobby the appropriate authorities to rescind the decision to sell the Church and to establish for it an acceptable and sustainable use.

The proposal submitted by the ‘Friends’ is to establish a Registered Charity ‘Dedicated to the Care and Restoration of the Church’ and also to ensure a strong Pastoral and Community use. The main aim is to raise the necessary funds to achieve the proposed aims, to enable the restoration and maintenance of the Church.

St Peters Church, The Street, Swingfield, Kent CT15 7HA
Friends of St Peters: Email - swingfieldchurch@aol.com / Telephone - 01303 844244